Tonysneakers Payment Methods

Tonysneakers Payment Methods

* Is my payment on your site secure?

All online payments are safe and secured. Our website has created a secure transaction environment. The ordering system we used is the industry standard for encryption technology-to protect your private information registered on our site. The encryption system provides you with SSL security and peace of mind when your browser and local network supports the use of encrypted data transmissions.

1. Credit Card & Debit Card. 

including Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, etc. After submitting an order, choose this method of payment, fill in the correct card information.

2. PayPal/ WeChat/ Alipay

You can connect your PayPal, credit card, debit card or bank account to PayPal for purchasing our products. After submitting an order, choose PayPal to pay, contact us via WhatsApp or Email or Facebook. etc, provide your PayPal account (email Format), we will send you a PayPal bill as soon as possible to help you complete the payment.

3. Western Union

Please contact us at Support Center for details. It is a fast, reliable and secure payment.

Note: Please tell us the following information after you have paid using Western Union.

1) The 10 digit control number.

2) Sender's name.

3) The exact amount you sent.

4) Sender's address.

5) Your shipping address.

6) Your order number.

7) The country you send from.

8) The receiver's name.

4. zelle or bank transfer.

An efficient payment method that will not be reviewed and intercepted by banks.